Dental Therapy 101: Sharable Infographics 

Scope of Practice


See an overview of what dental therapists in Michigan can do. 


Practice Settings


How dental therapy can close care gaps within underserved regions.

Improving Access


See how dental therapy can improve access to care in Michigan.

Career Ladder


Dental therapy is an accessible career ladder option for Michigan dental hygienists and assistants.


Training and Licensure


See an overview of the education and licensure requirements of Michigan dental therapists.


Michigan employers are eager to hire dental therapists. See recruitment flyer from the Michigan Primary Care Association.


Explore more resources and connect with national dental therapy partners

National Therapy Resources and Partners

American Dental Therapy Association


Our mission is to ensure that all Americans have access to high-quality oral health care. Founded in 2006, the American Dental Therapy Association (ADTA) is the national professional society for dental therapists. Each year, ADTA supports dental therapists in providing vital oral health care to hundreds of thousands of Americans. We educate the public about the value of dental therapists, create educational and career advancement opportunities for dental therapists, and support educational institutions in developing superior dental therapy programs.


National Partnership for Dental Thearpy


Co-chaired by Community Catalyst, the National Indian Health Board, the National Coalition of Dentists for Health Equity, and the American Dental Therapy Association, the goal of the National Partnership for Dental Therapy is to elevate the visibility and broad, multi-sectorial support for dental therapy as an evidence-based way to improve access to oral health. We believe all communities could benefit from dental therapists, but the focus of the Partnership is improving access to much needed dental care to communities where the needs are the greatest.  Support for dental therapy spans the political and geographic spectrum and over 175 groups have signed on to the NPDT to show their support for these innovative, community-focused providers. 


Community Catalyst

 For decades, Community Catalyst has worked with community partners to bring quality and affordable oral health care to more people by addressing inequitable access and other barriers to care. Through our Dental Access Project, we are advancing state and federal policies to expand access to comprehensive and affordable dental coverage across public and private insurance programs. Our efforts also include advocating for the training and deployment of community-based and representative oral health provider models, like dental therapists, to bring oral health care to communities that historically lack access.

National Coalition of Dentists for Health Equity


Our Purpose

To unite dentists who support evidence-based practices in the U.S. as a means to advance the goal of comprehensive health equity with a specific interest in oral health equity for all. Examples of such practices include community water fluoridation, the use of dental sealants, the inclusion of fully funded comprehensive oral health benefits in public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and the utilization of cost effective workforce models such as dental therapists.


National Indian Health Board


For years, the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) has been bringing together stakeholders including Tribal leaders, Tribal health directors, Area Indian Health Boards, Tribal Epidemiology Centers, and public health leaders to explore solutions and develop recommendations to address oral health disparities and lack of access to oral health treatment and prevention services in Indian Country.

The NIHB’s Tribal Oral Health Initiative is a growing body of work that includes a toolkit, research, Tribal leader and Tribal healthcare administrator trainings, and, eventually, the Tribal Oral Health Agenda. Check back as we continue to grow this online compendium of resources on innovative programs and policies for Tribal governments to utilize in increasing access to safe and quality oral healthcare in Indian Country.


Minnesota Dental Therapy Association

Dental therapy is a relatively new, but growing, field. In 2009, Minnesota was the first state to authorize licensing of dental therapists and has been on the forefront of the profession ever since. Dental therapists are critical to expanding oral health care to low-income, uninsured and underserved communities.

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board


The mission of the Native Dental Therapy Initiative is to connect tribal communities with innovative approaches to address AI/AN oral health disparities, to remove barriers impeding the creation of efficient, high quality, modern dental teams and to provide opportunities for AI/AN people to become oral health providers. There is a tremendous opportunity to increase access to oral health care and improve oral health outcomes by training and employing Dental Health Aide Therapists (DHATs). DHATs are highly-trained primary oral health care providers.  Part of a dentist-led team, they have a narrow scope of practice, focusing on routine and preventive services.  They are recruited from their communities and go back to serve their communities.  Tribes deserve the reliable, culturally relevant care that DHATs offer. The Native Dental Therapy Initiative is working to ensure this solution is available to all Tribes in the Portland Area.


See NPAIHB's self-paced modules: Optimize Dental Teams with Dental Therapy here!


National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)

Caring for the whole person is an essential component of achieving optimal health for all. NACHC supports the health center integration of oral health, behavioral health, and primary care as the framework for improving the health of individuals and communities. The growing body of evidence documenting the correlations between good oral health and blood pressure control, diabetes management, and decreased pregnancy complications reinforces the essential role oral health plays in overall health.

See NACHC's Dental Therapy Resource Guide here!

Michigan Primary Care Association


The Michigan Primary Care Association offers a scholarship for aspiring Michigan dental therapists to support their educational journeys with an agreement to return to Michigan and practice as a licensed DT! 

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